Peter Bittner - European Patent Attorney

Peter Bittner (Dipl. Phys.)

European Patent Attorney

LLM in IP Law and Management (CEIPI)



Phone: +49-6227-3983902

E-Mail: pb (at)


Areas of Expertise:

  • European and International Patent Law
  • Computer Implemented Inventions (CII)
  • IP Strategy and IP Portfolio Management


The Person:

Peter Bittner is European Patent Attorney with an excellent knowledge in the field of IP Management in the Software Industry.  Mr. Bittner has 10 years of experience in the patenting of computer implemented inventions, which can be seen as the basis of software innovations. As an IP Portfoliomanager he was responsible for the global patent portfolio management of the research organisation of Germany's largest software provider. Mr. Bittner developed a Value Based IP Management Approach1, which can significantly raise the success rate for a patent portfolio being managed according to this approach by 50%.

This knowledge is applicable to any industry where software innovations become more and more critical resources for the success of an enterprise. Especially in the field of computer implemented inventions it is important to select inventions for patent filings according to a clearly defined strategy.  The number of software related inventions is typically far above those in traditional industries like chemical or pharma but the value of a single software invention is often less for the enterprise. Therefore, identifying the high value inventions and generating IP assets for those strategic software inventions in a manner that they will succeed at patent offices like the European, US or Chinese Patent Offices, is crucial and challenging.

Mr. Bittner has an excellent understanding of the different requirements to the patentability of computer implemented inventions in various jurisdictions and knows how to draft European Patent Applications for such inventions so that they also fulfil foreign major requirements in case protection is sought in such other jurisdictions as well. Given the omnipresence of many software innovations through the Internet, this may be an important aspect to consider when deciding about the protection of a software related invention in the respective markets.

Mr. Bittner holds a master degree in physics from the University of Erlangen and a LL.M. master degree in Intellectual Property Law and Management from the University of Strasbourg. Further, he is teaching European Patent Law at the University of Strasbourg as a CEIPI tutor. He is giving lectures at the University of Strasbourg on “IP Management in the Software Industry” and has published multiple contributions in this field. He is also teaching patent law at the KIT Karlsruher Institut für Technologie.  Further, he is currently acting as Chairman of the Advisory Board of I3PM International Institute for IP Management to drive various topics in the field of intellectual property management. 


 1 A Value Based IP Management Approach, IP Manager Magazine international edition, Issue 01/2010

A Value Based IP Management Approach
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