IP Strategy Development

Please watch out introductory video about looking at IP Strategy as an integral part of Corporate Strategy.

IP Strategy as an Integrated Component of Your Corporate Strategy

A successful IP strategy is often described as the successful exploitation of an existing IP portfolio, especially a patent portfolio. However, the pure exploitation aspects run short of the real potential of an integrated strategy approach. To get into the pole position for the successful exploitation of your IP assets you need a strategic approach which puts the IP strategy at the heart of your corporate strategy and lays the foundation for building up a value based IP portfolio.

The IP strategy needs to be developed within the strategic framework of technology strategy, product-/market strategies and the competitive environment. The ultimate goal of such an integrated approach is to actually own those innovations that you want to get to market according to your technology and product strategies. This will guarantee sustained profitability of your business without others eating into the profits of your own innovations. “Innovation without protection is philanthropy”, is a statement of Blaxill und Eckardt in their book “The Invisible Edge”, which nicely describes the risks associated with a lacking IP strategy.

An integrated IP strategy is able to influence the technology roadmap of your enterprise from an IP protection view. Especially if you are interested in IP exploitation beyond the normal support function to your primary value chain (charging premium prices for protected features) it is mandatory to close IP gaps for a strong licensing portfolio by addressing those gaps in your innovation functions (R&D) and finding appropriate solutions.

We can help you in the development of an integrated IP strategy, where you will profit from our practical experience from successful implementations.