Matthias Zahn - European Patent Attorney

Matthias Zahn (Dipl.-Ing.)

European Patent Attorney



Phone: +49-6227-3983903

E-Mail: mz (at)


Areas of Expertise:

  • European and International Patent Law
  • IT & Computer Implemented Inventions
  • IP Processes


The Person:

Matthias Zahn is a European Patent Attorney having more than 15 years of experience in Intellectual Property (IP) in the field of IT. He covers substantially all technology areas that are related to transmitting and processing information. As a competent adviser for IP questions in all IT-layers, his expertise starts at the top layer with user interfaces, continues with processors and networks, and extends to the layers with integrated circuits or other complex components. The complete life cycle is included as well: from computer-aided development and manufacturing of semiconductor devices to the run-time of computers or the operation of mobile phones.


Over many years, Mr. Zahn has acquired practical experience in managing patents with two international world-class IT-companies: Motorola and SAP AG.


Holding a diploma degree (Dipl.-Ing.) in Information Technology, he supports clients to select inventions suitable for patent filing according to strategic criteria, with the result that the inventions, for which patent protection is finally sought, really support the long-term business strategy. When preparing European or International patent applications, especially for computer-implemented inventions - often called software inventions - there are particularities that need to be taken into account. Mr. Zahn will always consider the most recent case law development in this rapidly developing field of technology.


His language skills allow him to communicate with clients in German, English, Russian or even Japanese. As sort of "translator" Mr. Zahn assists clients to transform a complex technical issue into legal language that is appropriate to enforce the resulting rights against competitors, if needed. Quality has top priority. Especially in the preparation phase he leads the inventors to the core of the invention by asking the right questions. Thereby he analyses all possible aspects of the invention.


For an efficient IP-management internal processes need to consider the particularities of IP. While working as in-house counsel for large companies he conducted many projects to continuously improve IP processes. Clients may benefit from this experience, and can check internal processes for compliance with the latest requirements. For optimizing their IP-management, Mr. Zahn is more than happy to assist them.